Why we love Xero
The main reason we love Xero is that our clients love it. They had a perception of what accounting
systems were, and Xero is not like that. The almost silly little things that it does which make your life and
finances easier are what you'll fall in love with, too.

Goodbye, SAGE. (Hello, Xero!)

Convert from SAGE

It's tempting to be very wedded to your existing systems – or perhaps your bookkeeper just doesn't like change. But just because it's worked for you in the past doesn't mean it's the best solution going forward.

Every single client we have introduced to Xero has been much, much happier as a result.

Convert from another system

Whatever other system you're using, if it doesn't make your business and life better, we'd suggest you look at Xero.

You may initially encounter a few struggles (and some resistance from your bookkeeper), but trust us when we say that you will one day soon wonder how you lived without Xero and its integrations.

Ready to switch?

It's very easy to switch (we'll take you through it every step of the way)
and you'll be amazed at the difference.

Integrations & apps

It's often not about the big things: strategy is really about the small ones.
Little decisions that have major results down the road. We always seek to respond quickly, and
we care about how these decisions impact your life and your business.

Receipts and online filing

Receipts, expenses, invoices – all those pieces of paper or digital items will now be combined online and integrated directly into Xero. It is, actually, like magic.

Invoice chasing

Every business has a credit control function – even if it's as simple as chasing invoices when your bank balance is low. Now your invoices will be chased automatically, with polite persistence.

Forecasting & budgets

You need to be thinking about cash flow far into the future – not just the next month or two. Sophisticate the whole planning and accounting process with Xero and the forecasting tools.

Healthier bank balance

Using the right cash flow integrations with Xero means your bank balance is always in a stronger position.


Hours and hours of bookkeeping time become a distant memory once you're fully using Xero and the app integrations. Don't let your bookkeeper define where your business goes, and how quickly it grows. Use the best in cloud technology – and bookkeeping processes – and don't be held back.


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